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Who Pays No Tax?

RTÉ’s Prime Time last night was a discussion on tax.  Reporter/presenter Mark Little repeated several times Noel Dempsey’s (and the Government’s) claim that “38% of people pay no tax at all”.  That’s rubbish. 38% of people pay no income tax.  But they all pay tax. VAT, or sales tax, is paid by everyone, without exception.  […]

Pensioners Lose Medical Care While the Rich Pay Less PRSI

PRSI Ceiling removal would pay for medical card reinstatement three times over As we all know by now, Fianna Fáil have taken the medical card away from pensioners, causing huge consternation and uproar. Just as bad was the bare-faced bailout for developers, where the Government will now provide mortgages to those who can’t get bank […]