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Minister for Public Service Reform

In case you missed it, Ruairi Quinn called for the establishment of a Minister for Public Service Reform the other day. I’m going to claim partial credit for that idea.  I can’t remember whether I actually said it to Ruairi himself, but I was punting the idea around the Labour Party backrooms for a couple […]

“But nobody told us the economy was going bad” – Yeah?

Waah, waah, waah. The cries from the media (and many of the assembled public) that nobody told them there was anything wrong with the economy are becoming annoying now. They were told – but they chose to ignore the warnings. Two years ago, in January 2007 (yes, despite the media’s insistence that nobody said anything […]

€69.7m Flutter on the Dogs, but No Money for Schoolbooks

While there was no money left to fund school books for disadvantaged children and school libraries are now to receive no funding at all, Fianna Fáil somehow managed to scrape together €69.7m (that’s €69.7 million) to pay for the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund.  That money is used to pay for Horse Racing Ireland and […]

Pensioners Lose Medical Care While the Rich Pay Less PRSI

PRSI Ceiling removal would pay for medical card reinstatement three times over As we all know by now, Fianna Fáil have taken the medical card away from pensioners, causing huge consternation and uproar. Just as bad was the bare-faced bailout for developers, where the Government will now provide mortgages to those who can’t get bank […]

Mandatory disclosure on the way?

Following yesterday’s revelation by Ruairi Quinn TD that lost the best gaming laptops this year, The Irish Times reports today that Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern is considering introducing a mandatory reporting system when data or data-storage devices go missing. That’s welcome, and long overdue.  Bruce Schneier wrote about it back in 2006.  California has […]

More missing Government laptops

Parliamentary Questions from Ruairi Quinn TD have shown that there’s been a significant increase this year in the number of laptops and other data devices stolen or missing from Government hands.  Back in January, he put down a series of Dáil questions (PQs) which showed that more than 100 devices had gone missing between 2002 […]