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Return to Normality

I’m back.  I’m alive.  The election was won. (Thanks, Avril). Took a bit longer to get back to blogging than expected, due to a bug in the upgrade of WordPress, but all sorted now. A few online things to note from the campaign – Liveblogs and Twitter really came to life during the counts & […]

Cowen Portraits, or “PictureGate”

Finally got around to throwing my oar in on the Cowen portraits saga (or #picturegate, as it’s become known). (The London Times has a good rundown of the story so far if you’ve not been following it) Whatever you think of the original RTÉ news report, and the subsequent apology (note RTÉ’s first bit of […]

Who Pays No Tax?

RTÉ’s Prime Time last night was a discussion on tax.  Reporter/presenter Mark Little repeated several times Noel Dempsey’s (and the Government’s) claim that “38% of people pay no tax at all”.  That’s rubbish. 38% of people pay no income tax.  But they all pay tax. VAT, or sales tax, is paid by everyone, without exception.  […]

When Will the Perp Walks Start?

Interesting listening on today’s Morning Ireland (well worth a listen).  George Lee has now formally used the word “fraud” in relation to what has been happening in Anglo Irish Bank.  About time too.  And if Anglo have a problem with that, I look forward to them suing George Lee and RTÉ.  I don’t think they’ll […]

“But nobody told us the economy was going bad” – Yeah?

Waah, waah, waah. The cries from the media (and many of the assembled public) that nobody told them there was anything wrong with the economy are becoming annoying now. They were told – but they chose to ignore the warnings. Two years ago, in January 2007 (yes, despite the media’s insistence that nobody said anything […]

Crime – Getting Worse?

If you listened to the various TV and radio vox-pops over the last few days, following the tragic murders in East Wall, Howth and Ranelagh, and even Dick Roche’s hold up in Wicklow, you’d think the murder rate was soaring and the country was going to pot. But what’s the real situation? In reality, the […]

I’m not being sued by Declan Ganley (yet)

Declan Ganley is now suing RTÉ over their depiction of him on Prime Time.  That’s on top of Joe Costello, the Labour Party.  The rumour mill says he’s also threatened The Irish Times and Colm Keena with action. Is there anyone left who isn’t being sued by Declan Ganley?  Give us a pingback or a […]

Labour Conference 2008 – Leader’s Speech

The key element of any Labour Party National Conference is, of course, the Party Leader’s speech.  This will be Eamon Gilmore’s first address to a Party Conference that’s being shown live on television, so he’ll be feeling the heat right now.  Saw him half an hour ago on his way to dinner, though, and he […]

Dunlop Going Down?

Frank Dunlop has been arrested by the Criminal Assets Bureau and charged with 16 counts of corruption, report both RTÉ and The Irish Times.  He’s apprently not contesting the charges. If he decides to defend his innocence in court, it’ll be interesting to see what information comes out.  Lots of Fianna Fáil secrets in Dunlop’s […]

Cuffe Hypocrisy on Civil Unions

Ciaran Cuffe was just on Morning Ireland complaining that the Czech President refused to sign into law a Bill allowing Civil Unions in the Czech Republic. Didn’t Ciaran and his colleagues vote against a Civil Unions Bill last year in the Dáil?  How is that different? Posted from my phone from the car on the […]