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In Poland, Nobody Likes Libertas…So They Find A Way Around Funding Rules

Very interesting news from Poland, (thanks to a source who shall remain nameless for pointing it out), which follows earlier blogger interest. First up, the results of a new poll (English translation) undertaken in Poland on the European Elections campaign.  This was carried out by the local branch of TNS/MRBI (TNS/OBOP in Poland), so we […]

US presidential debate polls

Interesting stuff from Pew Research: 72 % of likely voters said Obama did a good or excellent job in the debate, compared to 59% for McCain. In the ‘one-word’ question (give me one word to describe Candidate X in the debate), the following results came up: Obama: 50% “confident” 31% “inexperienced” 31% “intelligent” 28% “presidential” […]