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When Will the Perp Walks Start?

Interesting listening on today’s Morning Ireland (well worth a listen).  George Lee has now formally used the word “fraud” in relation to what has been happening in Anglo Irish Bank.  About time too.  And if Anglo have a problem with that, I look forward to them suing George Lee and RTÉ.  I don’t think they’ll […]

Crime – Getting Worse?

If you listened to the various TV and radio vox-pops over the last few days, following the tragic murders in East Wall, Howth and Ranelagh, and even Dick Roche’s hold up in Wicklow, you’d think the murder rate was soaring and the country was going to pot. But what’s the real situation? In reality, the […]

Cuffe Hypocrisy on Civil Unions

Ciaran Cuffe was just on Morning Ireland complaining that the Czech President refused to sign into law a Bill allowing Civil Unions in the Czech Republic. Didn’t Ciaran and his colleagues vote against a Civil Unions Bill last year in the Dáil?  How is that different? Posted from my phone from the car on the […]