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With a hat tip to RedMum.  Needs sound, but probably headphones in the office!

Blackberry Storm/Vodafone/Paddy Tax in the Seanad

Senator Dominic Hannigan raised the Vodafone/Blackberry Storm/Paddy Tax issue in the Seanad last week.  Transcript here (click “Order of Business”, then click the plus sign beside Dominic Hannigan’s name where it appears for the first time – about four lines down.  Apologies, but the Oireachtas site for debates is awful). (Hat tip to Damien – […]

McCain on Irish Tax

Watching the debate live.  John McCain just got the Irish Corporation Tax rate wrong – again. Back in the first debate, he said it is 11% – it’s not.  It’s 12.5%.  You’d think someone would have updated his speaking notes by now. Update: Video from C-Span, it’s 10 seconds in. MSNBC failed to note this, […]