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Pat Rabbitte always eats his Greens

Brilliant video from yesterday’s Dáil debates on the Budget.  Pat Rabbitte tears into the Greens, who claim their fingerprints are “all over” the Budget. Neil has more.

Who Reads the Papers

I’ve been a bad blogger, and not updated in some time – mainly due to work pressures.  Whether or not this is resolved is entirely undetermined at this time. In the meantime, here’s an amusing piece from today’s Irish Times, inspired, no doubt, by the brilliant scene from Yes, Prime Minister.  It’s part of Anne […]

Blogging & Social Media Conference

On Saturday, I was at the IrishElection & European Commission-organised Blogging & Social Media Conference.  It was a very interesting conference, as well as giving me a great opportunity to meet people whose blogs I’ve been reading for some time in person. RedMum was on photography duty, doing the same brilliant job as always.  She’d […]

The cost of the banking guarantee

The Government says that the amount involved being guaranteed is €400bn.  The current standard rate for interbank credit default swap insurance for the Irish banks ranges from 2% to 3.2% (as of last April).  So, this guarantee is worth at least €8bn per annum to the Irish banks (or a maximum of €12.8bn). The four […]

The European Super Army (of bloggers)

Proof, tomorrow, if more were needed, that the European Commission is intent on taking over the world with its evil minions.  Or not. The European Commission office in Ireland and IrishElection are hosting a seminar on Social Media and Blogging in EU House tomorrow, and I’ll be there.  This year’s conference is entitled Organise, Activate, […]

Labour Party 21st Century Commission

The Labour Party’s 21st Century Commission (the 21CC as it’s known in party circles) should be reporting to the Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) soon.  While there’s been plenty of speculation about what’s in it, none of it is particularly accurate according to those who’ve seen the current draft of the document (the Commission itself […]

Demise of the PDs

Bye, bye Progressive Democrats, it would appear.  At least according to the media.  I think we’ve all known they were on the way out since the last General Election.  It was just a matter of timing.  Harry McGee also writes a bit more about this on the Irish Times Politics blog (a great source of […]