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Blackberry Storm/Vodafone/Paddy Tax in the Seanad

Senator Dominic Hannigan raised the Vodafone/Blackberry Storm/Paddy Tax issue in the Seanad last week.  Transcript here (click “Order of Business”, then click the plus sign beside Dominic Hannigan’s name where it appears for the first time – about four lines down.  Apologies, but the Oireachtas site for debates is awful). (Hat tip to Damien – […]

Vodafone/Blackberry Storm Paddy Tax on The Last Word, Today FM

Delighted that Matt Cooper was able to cover my Vodafone/Blackberry Storm Paddy Tax story on The Last Word today. He was joined by Adrian Weckler of the Sunday Business Post. Audio here: [audio:todayfm20081118.mp3]

The Obama Campaign

Well, that was some two weeks.  The Obama campaign is over – ending in victory, of course – and I’m back to Ireland today. (…well, it was “today” when I started writing this last Sunday.) The Obama campaign was, overall, a masterclass in grassroots activism.  The sheer numbers of people contributing to the campaign – […]

Vodafone & Blackberry Storm – Yet Another Paddy Tax

Rip Off Ireland is at it again.  It wasn’t enough for O2 to rip off Irish customers who wanted an iPhone, now Vodafone are ripping off those who want a Blackberry Storm. Back in March, Pat Phelan exposed the O2 Paddy Tax on the iPhone.  Now, I’m exposing the Vodafone Paddy Tax on the Blackberry […]

Ireland: 22nd Most Competitive?

(Hat tip to Aidan) In the category of ‘Quality of Overall Infrastructure’ we rank 64th in the world.  64th!  64th out of 134 countries.  Our infrastructural quality ranks behind Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Jamaica.  We are one of the richest countries in the world (as measured in GDP) and,yet we still trail behind […]

McCain on Irish Tax

Watching the debate live.  John McCain just got the Irish Corporation Tax rate wrong – again. Back in the first debate, he said it is 11% – it’s not.  It’s 12.5%.  You’d think someone would have updated his speaking notes by now. Update: Video from C-Span, it’s 10 seconds in. MSNBC failed to note this, […]