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MBA Decision Time

Well, as discussed before, I’m planning on doing a full time MBA later this year (starting August/September). It’s come down to decision time now, because I’ve received three offers and deadlines approach (thanks to those who helped reviewing my application essays, of course!). The three are UBC Sauder in Vancouver, University of Western Ontario (Ivey), […]

Crime – Getting Worse?

If you listened to the various TV and radio vox-pops over the last few days, following the tragic murders in East Wall, Howth and Ranelagh, and even Dick Roche’s hold up in Wicklow, you’d think the murder rate was soaring and the country was going to pot. But what’s the real situation? In reality, the […]

Aer Lingus EI118 – Delayed 24 hours…so far

Just met some of the EI118 passengers in Dulles Airport (IAD).  They’re on their third trip to the airport, having failed to depart yesterday evening as planned.  They were initially left on the plane on the tarmac for five hours yesterday. This afternoon, they were brought back to the airport and put on a plane […]