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AIB Card Security: FAIL

Following on from Active Growth’s post on Bank of Ireland security, I didn’t want AIB to feel left out. They’ve an even worse card security procedure, which they continue to use despite my repeated complaints. Picture the scene, if you will.  Something fishy is going on on your credit card (normally it’s small value internet […]

AIB & BoI to be Nationalised?

Given that we’re now talking about €8bn to recapitalise the banks, wouldn’t that shift the balance so far to the State as an owner (compared to the existing shareholders) that it’s effective nationalisation?  If we as a country are going to go that far, will the Government decide to go the whole hog and nationalise […]

The cost of the banking guarantee

The Government says that the amount involved being guaranteed is €400bn.  The current standard rate for interbank credit default swap insurance for the Irish banks ranges from 2% to 3.2% (as of last April).  So, this guarantee is worth at least €8bn per annum to the Irish banks (or a maximum of €12.8bn). The four […]