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This is the internet

Saw this last night – one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. All IT people (including me) have done similar things in the past!

The Next Leap

I was at a very interesting presentation this week (probably last week by the time you read this) at the Irish Institute for European Affairs (IIEA).  They were launching Johnny Ryan‘s paper The Next Leap.  It describes what we should be doing to bring Ireland into the next stage of its economic development.  It would […]

Blackberry Storm Launches in Ireland – 27th November

Vodafone have just announced that the Blackberry Storm will go on sale on Friday eh, Thursday (it’d help if I could read a calendar). Vodafone: We promised that you would be one of the first to know. So here’s the news to beat the queues: the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone is launching on November 27th, purpose-built […]

Blackberry Storm/Vodafone/Paddy Tax in the Seanad

Senator Dominic Hannigan raised the Vodafone/Blackberry Storm/Paddy Tax issue in the Seanad last week.  Transcript here (click “Order of Business”, then click the plus sign beside Dominic Hannigan’s name where it appears for the first time – about four lines down.  Apologies, but the Oireachtas site for debates is awful). (Hat tip to Damien – […]

Vote for MAXroam in the Crunchies

MAXroam (run by blogger and telecoms-disruptor Pat Phelan) are up for the Crunchies, TechCrunch‘s annual voted awards. I’ve been using MAXroam for about a year now, and it’s great.  Saved me a huge wodge of cash when I was in the US for the Presidential Election earlier this month.  Also enables me to have a […]

Net Neologisms

The Register has a great poll at the moment – vote for your top net neologisms. My favourites from the list of awfulness include celebutard, iTard and Twat-o-tron, although I doubt that fanboy, MILF and meh are entirely net-generated.  Anyway, you’ve got to go and vote yourself. Fucktard is winning right now.

Vodafone/Blackberry Storm Paddy Tax on The Last Word, Today FM

Delighted that Matt Cooper was able to cover my Vodafone/Blackberry Storm Paddy Tax story on The Last Word today. He was joined by Adrian Weckler of the Sunday Business Post. Audio here: [audio:todayfm20081118.mp3]

Vodafone & Blackberry Storm – Yet Another Paddy Tax

Rip Off Ireland is at it again.  It wasn’t enough for O2 to rip off Irish customers who wanted an iPhone, now Vodafone are ripping off those who want a Blackberry Storm. Back in March, Pat Phelan exposed the O2 Paddy Tax on the iPhone.  Now, I’m exposing the Vodafone Paddy Tax on the Blackberry […]

Virginia Day 11 – Escape to Victory

Greetings from the Data Cave in the Obama for America Alexandria, VA, Field Office. Polls have been open in Virginia for just over four hours now, and voting has been brisk, although there haven’t been the extraordinary queues seen last time.  This has a lot to do with the very strong early voting showing – […]

Commission to Reduce Roaming Text Rates to 11c

Great news.  11c per text when roaming. I hope this will apply to domestic text rates too, because I’m currently paying Vodafone 12.7c per text (plus VAT) even when I’m not roaming. Of course, I just use Pat’s MAXroam when I’m actually roaming, which is what the telcos should really be trying to compete with.