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AIB Card Security: FAIL

Following on from Active Growth’s post on Bank of Ireland security, I didn’t want AIB to feel left out. They’ve an even worse card security procedure, which they continue to use despite my repeated complaints. Picture the scene, if you will.  Something fishy is going on on your credit card (normally it’s small value internet […]

If It’s Difficult to Pronounce, It’s More Risky

Very interesting, although slightly predictable, report from the University of Michigan.  Things that are difficult to pronounce are deemed more risky.  This happens from food additives to foreign countries to individual people. Abstract Low processing fluency fosters the impression that a stimulus is unfamiliar, which in turn results in perceptions of higher risk, independent of […]

Labour Party 21st Century Commission

The Labour Party’s 21st Century Commission has finally reported to the National Executive Committee, and the report, with a new party constitution, will now be put to a National Conference in Mullingar at the end of March. This is a great opportunity for the Labour Party to reinvent itself for a new century.  I’m still […]

Security Cartoon

Over-specific security reactions of the 21st Century. Hat tip to Bruce, originally from

Crime – Getting Worse?

If you listened to the various TV and radio vox-pops over the last few days, following the tragic murders in East Wall, Howth and Ranelagh, and even Dick Roche’s hold up in Wicklow, you’d think the murder rate was soaring and the country was going to pot. But what’s the real situation? In reality, the […]

CDG – Now I Remember Why I Don’t Like It

In Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.  Haven’t been here for years, but remember vaguely not liking it.  Now I know why. It takes 15 minutes to get from the runway to the terminal building.  That’s not including the time required to get the gantries in place, etc – just taxiing time. Security is both shite […]

Good Security

Spotted some good, sensible security on the DC Metro (part surface, part overhead, part underground metropolitan railway) yesterday.  Apologies for the bad picture quality, but I was trying to take the photo without getting arrested for being a terrorist (the irony)… The text reads: Hey, is that your bag? If you see someone leave something […]

Airport Security

Very interesting article from Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic.  He, working with Bruce Schneier, tried to get caught going through airport security with fake boarding passes, carrying large amounts of liquids and generally looking suspicious.  All to no avail. Some of the best bits: During one secondary inspection, at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, I […]

Mandatory disclosure on the way?

Following yesterday’s revelation by Ruairi Quinn TD that lost the best gaming laptops this year, The Irish Times reports today that Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern is considering introducing a mandatory reporting system when data or data-storage devices go missing. That’s welcome, and long overdue.  Bruce Schneier wrote about it back in 2006.  California has […]

More missing Government laptops

Parliamentary Questions from Ruairi Quinn TD have shown that there’s been a significant increase this year in the number of laptops and other data devices stolen or missing from Government hands.  Back in January, he put down a series of Dáil questions (PQs) which showed that more than 100 devices had gone missing between 2002 […]