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Blogging Elsewhere

While this site is on hiatus, I’m still occasionally blogging elsewhere, like at my current job with ISIS. Today’s post on incentivising people to use bottled water is generating quite a bit of discussion in Vancouver.

Waking Up Canadian

Well, I’ve arrived safely in Vancouver.  Nothing much to report yet, but two videos for your enjoyment: And (of course!): Now, where did I put my maple syrup, eh? (Oh, and don’t worry – I’m not actually up at 2am posting this, I scheduled it so it would go out during daylight Irish time)

Fermirotica (XKCD)

For some reason the mathematician in me is trying to work out how to correct the formula to take into account the time of day.

Who Reads the Papers

I’ve been a bad blogger, and not updated in some time – mainly due to work pressures.  Whether or not this is resolved is entirely undetermined at this time. In the meantime, here’s an amusing piece from today’s Irish Times, inspired, no doubt, by the brilliant scene from Yes, Prime Minister.  It’s part of Anne […]

I got nominated

In true interweb style, I’m too lazy to write a real post on this, so I’ll just rob Neil‘s. Well, Christ on a bike!  Some silly person decided to nominate me in the Irish Blog Awards! I’m very grateful, though I don’t think it’s deserved.  Still, I hope the very nomination will spur me on […]

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Have a good one, wherever you are. No idea where to give the hat tip – the image has been in my files since Christmas 2003 in Afghanistan.

The System

The System is a great series of comics by Ross, who’s one of the lads I was hanging out with in DC. Click for a full size version.


You’ll notice there’s now snow on the blog.  Thanks to the ‘Let it Snow‘ plugin by Aen Tan.


Apologies for the quietness – been busy! It is the Christmas Drinks and book launches season, after all. Have written three posts tonight (last night when you read this, um, tomorrow), which will be posted gradually over the next few days.


With a hat tip to RedMum.  Needs sound, but probably headphones in the office!