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Blogging Elsewhere

While this site is on hiatus, I’m still occasionally blogging elsewhere, like at my current job with ISIS. Today’s post on incentivising people to use bottled water is generating quite a bit of discussion in Vancouver.


In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog is on hiatus. It will, in all likelihood, not return until 2011. This is mainly due to the workload involved in the MBA I’m doing at the moment (at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia in Vancouver). In the meantime, get your Irish politics fix […]

MBA Decision – It’s Vancouver

As of five minutes ago, I’m officially a student at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. I’ll be doing the MBA course at the Sauder School of Business there starting in late August (with the pre-course stuff starting in early August).  It’s a great course, and I’m really looking forward both to it, and to […]

MBA Decision Time

Well, as discussed before, I’m planning on doing a full time MBA later this year (starting August/September). It’s come down to decision time now, because I’ve received three offers and deadlines approach (thanks to those who helped reviewing my application essays, of course!). The three are UBC Sauder in Vancouver, University of Western Ontario (Ivey), […]

700 on the GMAT

As mentioned before, I’m hoping to do an MBA in the second half of this year.  The first step in that journey is to apply to the MBA programmes I’m interested in (Sauder, Ivey, Nanyang & Smurfit, for the record).  The first step in that process is to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). […]

New Job: Campaign Manager, Ireland East

As many of you will already have heard, I will be starting a new job in January.   I’ve been appointed Labour Party campaign manager for the European Elections in Ireland East.  Our candidate there is Nessa Childers (and yes, you do recognise the name, she’s the daughter of (Fianna Fáil) President Erskine H Childers […]