In Poland, Nobody Likes Libertas…So They Find A Way Around Funding Rules

Very interesting news from Poland, (thanks to a source who shall remain nameless for pointing it out), which follows earlier blogger interest.

First up, the results of a new poll (English translation) undertaken in Poland on the European Elections campaign.  This was carried out by the local branch of TNS/MRBI (TNS/OBOP in Poland), so we can expect it to be fairly reliable.  960 people surveyed at the start of April across Poland.

The result: Libertas failed to get even a single person to “vote” for them in the poll.  Not one.  Not only did they register 0%, they failed to even get 0.1% of those polled to express a preference for them.

What to do?

So, what does Declan Ganley decide to do?  Well, according to English-language Polish news site, he’s going to find a way around the funding rules.

Though European election law insists that campaign funds must come from within the relevant nations, Ganley will secure loans taken out in Poland, so finding a way around the rule, it was revealed late last month. Libertas Polska will then default on the loans, forcing banks to seek recompense from Ganley himself.

They’re not quoting some Euro-federalist opponent of Libertas in that story, they’re quoting Artur Zawisza, who they say is the Vice President of Libertas Poland, and who Wikipedia says is the President of the Polish-Irish Interparliamentary Group.

Is this how Declan Ganley financed Libertas in Ireland during the Lisbon Treaty referendum?  The Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) is still unsatisfied with the answers he gave about that funding.  Perhaps someone has unwittingly unearthed the loophole he’s stuffing millions of euro through.

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