MBA Decision Time

Well, as discussed before, I’m planning on doing a full time MBA later this year (starting August/September).MBA Books

It’s come down to decision time now, because I’ve received three offers and deadlines approach (thanks to those who helped reviewing my application essays, of course!).

The three are UBC Sauder in Vancouver, University of Western Ontario (Ivey), and of course UCD Smurfit here in Dublin.

Accumulating debt and the time taken to pay it off is a significant factor in the decision, of course.  Vancouver is cheapest overall, with Smurfit second cheapest.  As with every choice, there are advantages to each of them.

A decision will be announced next week, most likely.  At least my decision (taken last October) to withdraw from the workforce for a year starting in August turned out to be fairly prescient of the state of the employment market and economic situation!

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