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Obama’s Carrot & Stick Approach to Congress

President Barack Obama has, as discussed before and elsewhere, built up a huge list of supporters who want to engage with him.  Now, we’re finally seeing how he’s going to use it on the good side. As you may remember from earlier posts, I’m signed up with the Obama database as living in Alexandria, VA […]

Time for another Good Idea – Bad Idea

Good idea – invite the Irish blogosphere/twittosphere to a talk by Obama for America’s New Media head honcho. Bad idea – pretend you’re inviting the Irish blogosphere/twittosphere to a talk by Obama for America’s New Media head honcho, but instead have them realise as the event starts that they’re actually at the launch of the […]

If It’s Difficult to Pronounce, It’s More Risky

Very interesting, although slightly predictable, report from the University of Michigan.  Things that are difficult to pronounce are deemed more risky.  This happens from food additives to foreign countries to individual people. Abstract Low processing fluency fosters the impression that a stimulus is unfamiliar, which in turn results in perceptions of higher risk, independent of […]

When Will the Perp Walks Start?

Interesting listening on today’s Morning Ireland (well worth a listen).  George Lee has now formally used the word “fraud” in relation to what has been happening in Anglo Irish Bank.  About time too.  And if Anglo have a problem with that, I look forward to them suing George Lee and RTÉ.  I don’t think they’ll […]

“But nobody told us the economy was going bad” – Yeah?

Waah, waah, waah. The cries from the media (and many of the assembled public) that nobody told them there was anything wrong with the economy are becoming annoying now. They were told – but they chose to ignore the warnings. Two years ago, in January 2007 (yes, despite the media’s insistence that nobody said anything […]

AIB & BoI to be Nationalised?

Given that we’re now talking about €8bn to recapitalise the banks, wouldn’t that shift the balance so far to the State as an owner (compared to the existing shareholders) that it’s effective nationalisation?  If we as a country are going to go that far, will the Government decide to go the whole hog and nationalise […]

Excuses Over – Act Now, Taoiseach

The so called “National Economic Recovery Talks” have collapsed.  Now, all the excuses are gone.  Now, it’s time for action from Brian Cowen. This day has been put off over and over again.  First, with the announcement of an early budget in the summer.  Then, after the Budget itself completely failed to address the problem […]

Told You So

Well, I did. Budget 2009 seems like a long time ago.  Things have gotten a hell of a lot worse since then.  But all the warning signs were there, and the Government’s failure to address them has been astonishing.  Still, in February, they’re only talking about doing something. As I said back in October, what […]

Labour Party 21st Century Commission

The Labour Party’s 21st Century Commission has finally reported to the National Executive Committee, and the report, with a new party constitution, will now be put to a National Conference in Mullingar at the end of March. This is a great opportunity for the Labour Party to reinvent itself for a new century.  I’m still […]