Virginia – Day 14

Well, it’s all come to an end.  There’s a more detailed post in the works about the Obama campaign and my experiences, but that’ll take a couple of days to complete.

From all-you-can-eat sushi to getting thrown out of a restaurant, I’ve had a really great time here, mainly thanks to the great people I ran into.  Both Jeff’s crew, including dcomg and MDM gangs, and the Obama Alexandria, VA office team were very welcoming and great fun to be around.  Particular thanks have to go to Jeff, who originally convinced me that Virginia was the place to come to.

Nods also to 4E, Dave K, Stephen and Cledwyn, and especially to Meredith for organising the chase around the marathon course when Jeff was running.

More nods to the great Obama Alexandria team – Nate, Steve, Chris, Nippy, Elaine, Brad, Dave and so many others not possible to list in one blog post.  The best Data Team this side of the Mississippi deserve their nod too – with skydiving IT guys, Pentagon comms experts, NASA rocket scientists, firefighting organisers, and mouthy 16 year olds.

I’m on the redeye Air France back to Europe tonight.

I came here to help get Barack Obama and Mark Warner elected.  Mission accomplished, as Dubya would say.

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