Dunlop Going Down?

Frank Dunlop has been arrested by the Criminal Assets Bureau and charged with 16 counts of corruption, report both RTÉ and The Irish Times.  He’s apprently not contesting the charges.

Frank Dunlop - from RTÉ News

Frank Dunlop - from RTÉ News

If he decides to defend his innocence in court, it’ll be interesting to see what information comes out.  Lots of Fianna Fáil secrets in Dunlop’s head, I’m sure.  This will, of course, be a Court that can find people guilty, rather than the Tribunals, which can only discover information.

The CAB had, of course, previously obtained an order freezing assets they linked to payments by Dunlop to County Councillors.

Dunlop is a former Government Press Secretary, Fianna Fáil Director of Elections and lobbyist.  Perhaps fortunately for him and his legal bills, Wikipedia claims that he recently graduated from Griffith College with an LLB in law.

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