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Labour Conference 2008 – Leader’s Speech

The key element of any Labour Party National Conference is, of course, the Party Leader’s speech.  This will be Eamon Gilmore’s first address to a Party Conference that’s being shown live on television, so he’ll be feeling the heat right now.  Saw him half an hour ago on his way to dinner, though, and he […]

Labour Conference – From the Floor

Blogging live from the floor at the Labour Party Conference.  I’ll be keeping twitter and jaiku busy today, and you can watch what’s going on all day below.

Labour Party Conference

Off to the Labour Party Conference at the Hotel Kilkenny tomorrow evening.  We’ll be keeping the interweb alive with twittering, blogging, live video feeds, Jaikuing, youtubery, Flickr-age and even RTÉ Live coverage.  As usual for Labour these days, it’s way ahead of what the other Irish political parties are doing.  Not sure that it wins […]

He finally did it

If you laughed, you’re a nerd.  Then again, if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably a nerd anyway. Hat tip to Marshy.

Blackberry Storm Launches in Ireland – 27th November

Vodafone have just announced that the Blackberry Storm will go on sale on Friday eh, Thursday (it’d help if I could read a calendar). Vodafone: We promised that you would be one of the first to know. So here’s the news to beat the queues: the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone is launching on November 27th, purpose-built […]

Blackberry Storm/Vodafone/Paddy Tax in the Seanad

Senator Dominic Hannigan raised the Vodafone/Blackberry Storm/Paddy Tax issue in the Seanad last week.  Transcript here (click “Order of Business”, then click the plus sign beside Dominic Hannigan’s name where it appears for the first time – about four lines down.  Apologies, but the Oireachtas site for debates is awful). (Hat tip to Damien – […]

Vote for MAXroam in the Crunchies

MAXroam (run by blogger and telecoms-disruptor Pat Phelan) are up for the Crunchies, TechCrunch‘s annual voted awards. I’ve been using MAXroam for about a year now, and it’s great.  Saved me a huge wodge of cash when I was in the US for the Presidential Election earlier this month.  Also enables me to have a […]

Dunlop Going Down?

Frank Dunlop has been arrested by the Criminal Assets Bureau and charged with 16 counts of corruption, report both RTÉ and The Irish Times.  He’s apprently not contesting the charges. If he decides to defend his innocence in court, it’ll be interesting to see what information comes out.  Lots of Fianna Fáil secrets in Dunlop’s […]

Net Neologisms

The Register has a great poll at the moment – vote for your top net neologisms. My favourites from the list of awfulness include celebutard, iTard and Twat-o-tron, although I doubt that fanboy, MILF and meh are entirely net-generated.  Anyway, you’ve got to go and vote yourself. Fucktard is winning right now.

Hours of Fun

Minnesota Public Radio have posted some of the challenged ballots from the Norm Coleman/Al Franken recount.  Vote on what you think the result should be for each one! Hours of fun – presuming they keep posting them.  And a great example of public interest broadcasting (at least for political hacks like me!). Who gets this […]