Virginia – Day 5

Writing this while sitting in the Obama Field Office in Alexandria, VA, doing some data entry from last night’s phone banking (just waiting for a fresh set of data).  Conor & Gavin are off to Virginia Beach to the Obama rally – try doing some real work, lads! 😉

Clocked up another 164 Calls for Victory yesterday (that’s 558 in total so far), and dropped 500 Leaflets for Victory at the King Street Metro Station.  Now working on the first 500 Data Entries for Victory (that’s getting a bit pained, isn’t it?).  Very positive reaction, with very few people not wanting to talk to us (apart from the one guy in an NRA baseball cap).

There are two other Irish guys here also volunteering full time on the campaign in Alexandria – Garrett O’Dowd (and yes, that’s a well known FG & Democratic family name!) is one of them.  Also a few Brits around.

Jeff, Dave K, Dave 4E and Stephen took me to an “All You Can Eat Sushi” place in Fairfax last night.  I had my doubts about the combination of all-you-can-eat and sushi, but it worked surprisingly well.  And at only $26 (less than €20), it was pretty good value too.

Sign of the Day

Strange sign of the day goes to every Metro station in the greater DC area, which all have these outside:

Kiss & Ride

Kiss & Ride

Now, for American readers, that means something very different in Dublin.  For Irish readers, it means a drop-off point.

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