Virginia – Day 2

There’s great interest and enthusiasm around the city and suburbs about the election.  You expect to see posters and ads, but there are a huge number of people walking around wearing stickers, pins and t-shirts for candidates.  Even children are feeling ownership of the campaign.  This sign is up in a garden in Alexandria, just a few hundred yards from where I’m staying – and it’s not the only one.

Homemade Obama Sign

Homemade Obama Sign

McCain on Meet the Press

There’s a man who looks shook, tired and old.  He got the Irish corporation tax rate wrong again (that’s not his fault, but someone needs to do better fact checking on his team).  He couldn’t remember the names of the five former Secretaries of State who endorsed him and are supposedly advising him closely.  He stumbled over his sentences, was constantly on the back foot as Tom Brokaw showed poll numbers and clips of his previous statements and even managed to contradict himself a few times.  I hope there were undecided voters watching that.

Jeff in the Marathon

As mentioned yesterday, my friend Jeff was running in the Marine Corps Marathon today.  With his friends, I managed to see him three times at different points on the course, which was great.  The crowds were huge at times.  Rosslyn Metro station looked like this from the very edge of the platform.

Rosslyn Metro Station, 2008-10-26

Rosslyn Metro Station, 2008-10-26

Jeff finished with an 8:24 average mile time.  Well done.


Also, I ate chicken feet.  Thanks, Dave.  And Jeff’s Mom.  The sauce was better than the feet themselves.

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