€69.7m Flutter on the Dogs, but No Money for Schoolbooks

While there was no money left to fund school books for disadvantaged children and school libraries are now to receive no funding at all, Fianna Fáil somehow managed to scrape together €69.7m (that’s €69.7 million) to pay for the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund.  That money is used to pay for Horse Racing Ireland and possibly the most scandalridden State body of the last decade, Bord na gCón.

creative commons: Cynergy

creative commons: Cynergy

And it doesn’t stop there.

Ruairi Quinn TD:

“Although the government has decided to increase the school building programme, it has cut back on the funds to furnish national schools. What’s the point in building classrooms that will have no desks or equipment? This smells like a dig-out to builders.”.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the only dig-out to builders in this budget.

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