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Ireland: 22nd Most Competitive?

(Hat tip to Aidan) In the category of ‘Quality of Overall Infrastructure’ we rank 64th in the world.  64th!  64th out of 134 countries.  Our infrastructural quality ranks behind Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Jamaica.  We are one of the richest countries in the world (as measured in GDP) and,yet we still trail behind […]

Virginia – Day 5

Writing this while sitting in the Obama Field Office in Alexandria, VA, doing some data entry from last night’s phone banking (just waiting for a fresh set of data).  Conor & Gavin are off to Virginia Beach to the Obama rally – try doing some real work, lads! 😉 Clocked up another 164 Calls for […]

Virginia – Day 4

Spent most of today phonebanking for Obama at the campaign’s Alexandria HQ.  The response in the city is very strongly pro-Obama, so it’s important to get the vote out.  What was really good to see was the huge number of people who’ve voted early in order to avoid queues on election day (which were apparently […]

Good Security

Spotted some good, sensible security on the DC Metro (part surface, part overhead, part underground metropolitan railway) yesterday.  Apologies for the bad picture quality, but I was trying to take the photo without getting arrested for being a terrorist (the irony)… The text reads: Hey, is that your bag? If you see someone leave something […]

Virginia – Day 2

There’s great interest and enthusiasm around the city and suburbs about the election.  You expect to see posters and ads, but there are a huge number of people walking around wearing stickers, pins and t-shirts for candidates.  Even children are feeling ownership of the campaign.  This sign is up in a garden in Alexandria, just […]

-.-. –.- . .. – Arrived in VA

For anyone who was paying attention, I’ve just arrived in Virginia. Just…  Both my flights were delayed.  DUB–AMS had to turn back from the runway in DUB after one of the cockpit radios failed, and AMS-IAD was late, buffeted by the worst turbulence I’ve ever encountered in a commercial jet (although I’ve flown in worse […]

Class Sizes Poll

(part of the one at <a href =”” >Class sizes should be going down not up, do you agree?</a> <br/> <span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href =””> polls</a>)</span>

Virginia on Saturday

I’m off to Virginia on Saturday.  This is why:

€69.7m Flutter on the Dogs, but No Money for Schoolbooks

While there was no money left to fund school books for disadvantaged children and school libraries are now to receive no funding at all, Fianna Fáil somehow managed to scrape together €69.7m (that’s €69.7 million) to pay for the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund.  That money is used to pay for Horse Racing Ireland and […]

Rafa, Gerrard, Carra, Owen & Crouch

Class…well worth two minutes of your life.