Q&A – Out of Guests Already?

Questions & Answers is only two shows into its new series, and apparently they’re already out of non-political guests.  Last week, we had Fergus Finlay and Alison O’Connor, both of whom had been on one of the last shows in the Spring series (Alison & Fergus were both on twice last Spring, in fact!).  This week, Sarah Carey and Sam Smyth, each of whom had been on in the last series.

Are there no other people out there willing to go on?  Or are RTÉ not looking further than the same aul’ same aul‘?  Interesting as all four are, and I do find them all interesting (I used to work with Fergus, listen to Sam’s show most weeks, and read Sarah and Alison regularly, and I’ve met all four in the Q&A Green Room or Leinster House at one stage or another), it seems a bit lazy of RTÉ not to mix it up just a little.

Put your money down now – Ivan Yates will be on next week’s show.  And either Declan Ganley or Mary Lou MacDonald (can’t have two raving mad anti-Europeans on one RTÉ show).


I forgot Marc Coleman, who was on on May 19th this year, and again last week.  Couple of links added too.

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