Cóir – they haven’t gone away, you know

Cóir, the Youth Defence (apologies for the link, but there’s no Wikipedia on them!) linked anti-Lisbon/Nice/EU-in-general group headed up by Richard Greene, are still active, and are already starting to campaign against Lisbon II, in whatever mould that may come.

This Cóir Leaflet (pdf) fell into my pocket in leafy Ballsbridge yesterday.

Front page:

Cóir Leaflet - Front Page ("They are not listening to you")

Using the same three monkeys style from their referendum posters, although this time including their name and address in legible text on the back, the leaflets are being dropped by hand.

The inside of the leaflet makes specific reference to the Government attempting to ratify the Lisbon Treaty through the Oireachtas, and asks readers to contact their local TDs.  The leaflets aren’t localised, though, and don’t name the local TDs.  Instead, they give contact details for the Taoiseach’s and Minister for Foreign Affairs’ constituency offices.

Unfortunately, Cóir’s webmasters don’t seem to be quite as interested as their printers, and the website hasn’t been updated since before Referendum day (not even to celebrate victory).

Obviously, whatever the Government and political parties may say, Cóir and others are working on the assumption that there’ll be a Lisbon II in one form or another.

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